Custom Brochure Design

An important part of a First Class Brand is a custom designed brochure. Showcasing your product or service with a creative brochure helps your company stand out in the crowd and attract affluent clients, your Ideal Clients. With the advancement of the digital age, a downloadable brochure is also a must have.

I am Dana W. Ball the Art Guy. Here at Art Guy Creative we specialize in custom brochure design for Financial Advisors, CPA's and other professional firms seeking to target the upper end of the market. We are a one stop shop for your affluent branding needs. We understand the affluent market and the needs of the wealthy. You've come to the right place.

See Sample Brochure Designs below

**What is the purpose of your brochure?
Is it a static advertisement or a valuable marketing tool? If you want your Ideal Clients to take action, please read on.

Elements of successful custom brochure design:

• Front page that grabs attention and encourages the reader to open the brochure or read further
Affluent Brand – a visual representation of what you offer ideal clients
Tagline – a BENEFIT statement - what you offer your clients from THEIR perspective
Introduction – introduce your company – who you are and what you do – in other words, provide a Value Proposition
Differentiate – explain what makes you different and why the affluent should hire you. Use an infographic.
Explain benefits – affluent clients need to understand how their lives will be better by hiring you.
Call to Action – encourage the prospect to do something with a Call to Action statement
Downloadable – in the fast paced internet environment, your brochure should be downloadable from your website so that prospects can read about you without waiting to receive your brochure in the mail
• We will create a downloadable PDF for your website – this format will allow prospects and clients to print your brochure directly to their own computers.
• We will also create a Printer's Spread version that you can provide your printer thereby allowing them to assemble your brochure into a print quality brochure. (This brochure will have saddle stitching- as an example, imagine two 8/5 x 11 pieces of paper folded in half with 2 staples in the center of the spine)


"Thank you for the beautifully designed brochures you design for my clients. Good design is one of the must-have's in a successful branding project." Suzanne M. Financial Advisor Business Coach

Custom Brochure Design

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Infographic - Need to explain a complicated concept in a simple manner in your custom brochure? Use a custom infographic.  An infographic can illustrate a point visually in an effective manner that is not possible with only words.  Good uses include: a branded financial planning process, a procedure, a wealth management technique, a discovery process, the results of a survey, organizational charts, flow charts, signs, maps, and more.

TOBA Infographic

Here are a few examples of brochures I have designed.

Financial Planning Brochures:

Efthemis Brochure 01

Efthemis Brochure 02

example financial advisor brochure

Efthemis Brochure 04

TOBA Brochure Front

sample financial planner brochure

CPA Brochure:

JK Brochure 01

JK Brochure 02

JK Brochure 03

example CPA brochure

Art Gallery Brochure:

Art Cellar Brochure 01

Art Cellar Brochure 02

Suns Sports Team Brochure:

Suns Brochure 01

Suns Brochure 02

Suns Brochure 03

Suns Brochure 04

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Custom Brochure Design

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