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One of your most important brand components is your BUSINESS CARD. It sets the tone for your firm and communicates how you are unique. You give your card to clients, prospects, vendors, and strategic partners. Your card is in effect, the face of your practice.

Because the financial services market is oversaturated with advisors who have a similar look, the challenge is to develop a card that sets you apart VISUALLY and helps you attract affluent clients. See below examples of Business Cards, Must Have's on your card, and Key Elements for Business Card Success.

Who is this article for?
• You cater to the AFFLUENT -Advisors, planners, wealth managers, and investment advisors
• Advisors who are a step above their competitors in service and quality
• Advisors with experience who are ready to take their firms to the next level

Since everything we design is CUSTOM for the client (no templates), when you hire us you can be assured of a design that fits your company's image. When you are working with the affluent, you want to have confidence when presenting your card. Here are a few examples of cards we have designed:


Example of a Card targeted to the affluent
Business Card Targeted to Affluent
Example of a Card offered by a team targeting affluent business owners
Business Card Targeted to Affluent Business Owners

Custom Brochure Design

Must have's:
• Eye-catching design – the design must be compelling. Busy cards without good design fail.
• Print Card –for handing out to prospects, clients, and referral partners
• Digital Card - to use as your email signature- a visual way to enforce your brand
• Tagline – written according to specific standards that address a benefit – see below
• Back of the card design – use the real estate on the back of your card to communicate something of value

"A professionally designed business card from the Art Guy Creative team will make an impression on your centers of influence and your potential clients." Suzanne M. Financial Advisor Coach

Keys Elements for Business Card Success
The difference between an ordinary card and one this is truly effective includes what you put on the card and how it is presented.

• Logo – This is part of your corporate identity. If your firm does not have a professionally designed logo it does not have a brand. Your logo should be distinctive and not follow others in your field. In other words, try to avoid blue as it is over used.

• Business Name – Your company name should be on the front of the Card. If you are going through a rebranding, now is the time to change your business name, if you are up for it. Does your business name truly describe what you do and who you target?

• Your Name and Title – Both elements are essential. Use credentials if you have them as they add credibility.

• Phone Number, Email address, Website – Try not to crowd your card with too much non-essential information, so try not to include fax numbers or cell phone numbers.

• Graphic Elements – Design and texture are used in your card in order to give it a professional look. Cards without this key element are lacking in design and visual interest.

• Tagline – Tie your firm's services into what the client receives as a benefit from working with you and you will be on your way to a distinctive card. Use no more than six words. Always put your tagline on the front of the Business Card as it serves to back up your company name. In the mind of the prospect, your benefit-driven tagline will help them decide if you are the financial planner for them. We can help you create a tagline. Trade marking your tagline is essential as is checking to make sure no one else is using it.

• Description of Benefits – The back of your card is ideal for listing benefits your clients receive when working with you. "Build a Family Legacy" is better than "Estate Planning" as it captures the prospects interest more effectively.

• Compliance Statement, if necessary – If you are required to have a compliance statement, find out the absolute minimum requirement as this detracts from your card.

Those are the essential required elements of a successful business card design for financial advisors, planners, wealth managers, and investment advisors. If you follow these guidelines, you will have a card you can be proud to present to affluent clients. Don't forget to carry your brand throughout your entire practice. See Brochure examples here.

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