Rebranding Strategies:
How to Rebrand Your Business

If you've been running your business for a few years now and you've recently realized that you're not getting as much business or as many leads as you used to, it may be time to rebrand your business. Even very successful companies rebrand once in awhile. Think Coke, Pepsi, and Old Spice. This article is all about rebranding strategies for how to rebrand your business for a fresh new look and a chance at a better business.

Why do companies rebrand? To...
   Keep up with the times
   Reach a new market
   Reposition themselves
   Overcome negativity
   Become more profitable

Some companies rebrand to create a new image and keep up with the times. After all, styles change year to year and decade to decade. We change our clothing style so why shouldn't we change our brand to keep up? Whatever your reason for rebranding, here are some things to think about.

What does your company stand for?
Your brand image should incorporate your core values and show target clients what you stand for. Values make a business and help to retain employees, position the firm in the marketplace, and provide a platform for the firm's ideology. Here at Art Guy Creative, we stand for creativity, art, and a passion for being different.

What makes you different?
Is your firm experienced, with credentialed staff, or has the firm won awards in its field? Why would customers buy from you as opposed to another company? Is your company a leader in the industry? What do people say about the company? The answers to these questions will help you determine your competitive advantage.

Who is your Ideal Client?
If you rebrand to attract your ideal client, then you will be working with clients who are willing to pay your top fees. Think about the problems you help your ideal clients solve, then align your brand with key words in your company tagline that address these issues. List your top five favorite clients and identify what it is about them that makes them ideal.

What makes a brand successful?
There's no easy answer to this question – start with the answers to the three questions above to get an idea of how to approach your rebranding strategy. Try to avoid the common brands others in your field portray. To be different is to take a chance with a new strategy, but with risk comes reward.
Good luck!

If you are in the market for a rebranding designer to help you rebrand, contact me today to discuss your project.

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