Wabi Sabi, The Japanese Aesthetic of Beauty

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic which describes beauty as imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. There is little character in perfection. Nature seems to abhor perfection and chooses instead to flit around its edges embracing asymmetry, inconsistency, non-conformity and decay. In the continuum of time, we are only here for a […] Read more »

Art is not always pretty.

Art is not always pretty. Art is honest and objective. Art can be found everyday in the smallest details. It is a scrambling roach as much as a fluttering butterfly. It is the graffiti on an underpass as much as the painting on the wall. It is a rain-cloud filled […] Read more »

Creativity – Color Outside the Lines

A child understands inherently the joys of coloring outside the lines. Children live without judgement or limitations. Only as we grow older does our inner child begin to be bombarded with messages that corrupt our objectivity: “Don’t do that.” “That’s the wrong color.” “Stay inside the lines.” The need to […] Read more »