Why I don’t use web site templates.

Also, I don’t like parallax scrolling. It’s a gimmick, and if there is something to be said, or shown, I’d rather not use gimmicks. Plus, it gives me motion sickness.

But about templates… they’re easy to spot, and difficult to digest. They are an unnecessary and unwelcome addition to an ever increasingly standardized and gentrified internet. They feed on the insecurities of clients by offering a sense of safety and comfort that will invariably relegate a new site to the ranks of ordinary and unimpressive, which, aside from being aesthetically offensive, is bad for business.

With the ability to harness the power of HTML and CSS, it’s not that complicated to add even the most subtle and nuanced bits of customization to the design of a site while under development. Possessing complete control over web site design is empowering, and preferable to being limited by the precepts of a template.

This is even more relevant as access to the web via mobile devices has become increasingly more typical. A site that adapts to varying viewport widths, based on the content of the site itself, is compelling and exceedingly functional.

My best clients are those who understand the value of customization, are open to the possibilities, and welcome my suggestions.

See for yourself:

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