Financial Planner Business Card Brand Continuity

This is a Business Card for a Financial Planner in Long Beach, California. The client wanted a new Business Card that would reflect changes to her brand. We had recently designed her custom website with blog and a custom brochure. Both were completely different stylistically from her existing letterhead and envelope, which she was not willing to redesign.

We were tasked with using design concepts from her website and brochure and aligning those with her new Business Card. Her existing brand is a simple logo, gold in color. Along with using the front of the card, we believe in using the real estate on the back of a card as additional marketing opportunities as you can see.

Front of Card:

Because her letterhead and envelope are simple in design, we elected to design the front of the card with a white background while using the classic logo. To provide brand continuity with her website, a “wave” design was incorporated along the bottom of the card. This visual tie-in helps the viewer connect the brand with both the simple logo and the website wave design.

Financial Advisor Business Card Front

Financial Advisor Business Card Front

Back of Card:

The “wave” design was used extensively on the back of the card to continue the visual imagery from the website. The terms “Financial Planning” “Wealth Management” “Investment Advisory” and “Employer Sponsored Plans” are all pages on the client’s website which we chose to highlight.

Financial Advisor Business Card Back

Financial Advisor Business Card Back

Call to Action:

Notice the request to “Download our brochure” which is a visual reminder to go to her website and review the digital brochure available online. This helps direct viewers to take the action the client wants them to take.

Brand continuity is critical with financial firms. Because you want your affluent clients to invest large sums of money with your firm, you must elicit stability, professionalism, and trust through your brand. This is done with a design approach intended to create a visual bridge between marketing materials.

Only an experienced design firm has the capability and experience to take your brand to the next level. Real skill is necessary to create the design concepts that will make you stand out from the multitude of financial firms in the competitive marketplace.

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