Sparking Creativity

Sparking Creativity

Creativity can at times flow effortlessly, and alternately seem impossible to extract, even in the smallest measure. In the case of the latter, it may become necessary to provide a spark. This spark can take infinite forms, some benign, some radical. Following is a short list of methods to spark your creativity. Theoretically, this list is never-ending, allowing each of us to add to it.

Think like a child
Imagine how your seven-year-old self would react in a given situation. More curious? Less inhibited?

Use your other hand
Unless you’re ambidextrous, you most likely have been ignoring one of your hands. Use it. Draw with it. Write with it. Drink with it. Your brain will thank you.

Listen to viewpoints that challenge your beliefs
It’s natural to seek comfort inside a belief system with which we find consensus. Listening to voices that challenge your system afford the opportunity for growth.

Learn a new word or an entirely new language
Research indicates that those who learn another language spark areas of the brain that generally remain dormant.

Without intent, without thought, without concern for having to justify it to anyone.

Walk around the house naked
After all, we were born that way.

Take on a task knowing you will fail
There is no shame in failing… only in not trying. We learn from our failures.

Talk to a stranger
It’s surprising how interesting people can be.

Draw with your eyes closed
This will produce a less subjective, more objective result.

Create your own spark
It’s easy and fun.


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