If you're a Business Coach looking for a creative and visual brand you've come to the right place. Art Guy helps professional coaches attract their ideal clients through creative design, high quality branding, and search-engine optimized websites

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.  

I can help you create a brand for your coaching business by designing your logo, business card, stationary, brochures, email signature, e-commerce web site, and all your marketing materials. Nothing helps you obtain quality clients better than quality marketing materials.  

Invest in your coaching business today! Contact me to learn how I can help make your website sell your services effortlessly. It's difficult to command fees in the hundreds of dollars per hour without quality marketing materials. Your prospects will subconsciously doubt your credibility unless you present a professional image.  

I can design the following: Client attraction devices such as free reports; Products for sale such as PDF reports, templates, CD covers, and DVD covers; Illustrations for products both digital and in store; E-commerce web sites using 1shoppingcart; Sales pages to sell products: purchase now buttons, take action buttons, and package images.  

I am a one stop shop that can take care of all your design needs from branding all the way through web site design and product creation. My designs are suitable for: Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Executive Coaches, Career Coaches.  

Suzanne Muusers

"I wasted my first two years in business on a lackluster brand and website with no SEO. Thanks to Art Guy, my websites attract tons of traffic and clients hire me because of the creativity and professionalism of my brand.">
Suzanne Muusers, ACC, Business Coach, Marketing Coach
Creator of the Two Page Mini Business Plan for Professional Coaches

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