We help financial advisors and planners attract affluent clients through their brand.

Review the financial planner promotional materials below and learn What Clients Are Looking for in your Brand, the Benefits you can help them focus on, and Visuals you can use do to this.

You can also review Brand Components we can help you create. Other pages: sample financial planning brochure, sample corporate identity, sample business card designs.

There are many financial advisors branding and marketing themselves in the same manner. Why be a follower when you can lead? When prospects hear about you, they will research the internet to learn more about you and your firm. If you have a template website you will look like thousands of other advisors. If you have a custom branded website with powerful visuals highlighting your benefits, you will get their attention and their assets.

If you're a boutique financial planning firm looking for a CREATIVE and VISUAL BRAND you've come to the right place. The Art Guy helps financial advisors, investment advisors, and wealth managers attract their ideal clients through creative design, quality branding, and search engine optimized websites. 

With Art Guy once your website is completed, you own it. You do not continue to pay for your website forever.

It's difficult to ask clients to give you their assets without a well designed brand to back up your brand promise. INVEST in your financial planning practice today!

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What Are Clients Looking for in your Brand and on Your Website?

Holistic Message: Shift your focus from left-brained financial concepts to creative concepts your affluent clients want to learn more about. If they were to hire you, what sort of experience would they have and how does that change their life? Will they spend more time at the office or will they spend more time with their loved ones on vacation? Will they be able to stop worrying about the future and start living?

Key point: Show prospects their future upon hiring your firm

Benefits: Focus on the benefits affluent clients will receive from the wealth management process. By all means, continue to talk about the importance of asset allocation, the difference between fee-only versus fee-based compensation, and the financial planning process, buy don't forget to focus on the benefits:

*Creating life goals
*Trusting in their advisor
*Finding reliability in their advisor
*Gaining emotional wellbeing
*Discovering clarity of financial direction
*Caring for family members
*Working towards a stress-free retirement
*Preparing for life's many emergencies
*Knowing their financial matters are taken care of

Key point: Address life-based goals that help your clients live a better life

"My financial advisor clients love their marketing materials"! Suzanne M. Coach for Financial Advisors

Visuals: In this left-brained industry advisors can sometimes forget that clients don't speak their language. Clients don't understand investment management, wealth management, and portfolio composition. That's why it's important to use stimulating visuals in the branding process so that you can get your point across about the end benefits of hiring you.

How to do this:

*Use infographics for your financial planning or wealth management process. See this example
*Use creative color schemes rather than industry standard colors
*Use images of vital, active people doing what they love
*Take a visual risk with design – this makes you unique
*Visually and emotionally showcase benefits to your brand
*Use design to subconsciously guide prospects into making a decision

Brand Components We Can Help You Develop
*Custom branded corporate identity
*Custom website using HTML
*Custom wordpress blogs
*Pitch book/downloadable brochure
*Branded business cards with tagline
*Client appreciation event invitations
*Visual "Call to Action" images to encourage web visitors to take action and contact you
*Book Design
*PDF Report Design

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