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What is Graphic Design?

It is the process of communicating a concept or idea via a visual medium such as a logo, business card, brochure, illustration, website, and much more. When a company has a message to communicate, graphic design allows the recipient to make a conclusion about a product or service. The best way to communicate a message or idea other than verbal communication is through graphic design and branding.

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Talented graphic designers have the experience to use colors, fonts, and images to create visually stunning messages. Good quality graphic design is not done by accident. It takes many years to learn how to use the tools that create complicated layers and patterns in graphic design.

Intelligent business owners know that experience is the key to a professionally designed corporate identity. A first year graphic design student will take years to acquire the experience needed to produce fine quality work. Only designers with years of experience have what it takes to create successful brands.

What is a brand? A brand is a collection of graphic design components that communicate a brand promise or message

High end brands command high end prices through expert graphic design. The instantly recognizable Apple symbol is classic yet classy and has established Apple as the best quality computer maker in the world. Yet the cost of an apple computer is far higher than a PC and the public is willing to pay that price.

To understand branding is to understand the term "corporate identity" which is the visual persona a company takes on to express its mission and values. It is more than a logo and conveys subconscious meaning designed to influence buying behavior.

Through your business card design and brochure design you can position your company as unique and valuable in the market place allowing you to attract the type of clients you want. Are you in need of Re-branding? See my article Re-Branding Strategies: How to Re-brand Your Business.

Restaurants make great clients for graphic design and branding because they seek to convey a food concept to their patrons. There's no better way to do this than to hire an experienced freelance graphic designer to communicate a specialized concept. See Restaurant Menu Design.

When designing your concept, try not to put too much information in a space. Good design is more than just choosing colors and fonts. It's learning how to effectively use "white space" to allow the viewer's mind to see a clear message. If you cram too much text into a space, you will not give the eye room to take in the message. That's why it's better to design an illustration to encourage action. A visual combined with words is much more powerful than just words.

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