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How to Build Your Brand with Custom Illustration

An illustration is different from a logo. A logo is a visual representation of a company used in the corporate identity in business cards and websites. An illustration is an artistic drawing showing a visual story or enticing a human reaction.

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What are good uses for illustrations?
A new information product often needs an illustration to encourage action. Examples are visuals with messages such as "Sign Up for Our Newsletter" or "Purchase this product Now." Another example is an illustration showing a product being used such as a person demonstrating a product or an illustration of a book cover selling an information product. A very current example is facebook fanpages and custom twitter backgrounds.

Here's an example of a Purchase Now Button used to encourage visitors to buy a product:

Book covers for books sold in bookstores are perfectly suited for illustrations since the cover and the title help to set the tone for what's inside the book. Thumbnails of these illustrations are also being used to sell books on websites like and Barnes and Noble. Here's an illustration for a Childrens' Book Cover Design and here's a Technology Magazine Cover Illustration. This is one of my favorites: Illustration of a Wine Event.

Illustrations are also used in website banners, magazine covers, postcards, posters, facebook fanpages, custom twitter backgrounds, and countless types of marketing materials. Generally, the more expensive the product or service, the more appropriate a custom illustration is for the brand.

Illustrations can be used to grab attention, make a point, lead a prospect to an intended action, and set the stage for a purchase decision. Advanced branding techniques often require custom illustrations. Review this article about Book Cover Graphic Design for further information.

Art Guy Creative is a custom illustration designer focusing on unique and creative imagery.

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