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You've come to the right place. The Art Guy is well versed in creating attention getting, creative book covers for your high quality kindle or ebook. Only an experienced designer knows how to utilize advanced design concepts to create a high quality book cover. 

Kindle books and E-books are all the rage right now. There's the Sony e-reader, the Barnes and Noble nook, and even the ipad. It seems that no one is buying printed books - and why would consumers buy a printed book if they can download a new book and be reading it within minutes rather than going to the store or waiting for mail delivery? Not to mention not having to pay for postage and delivery.

The challenge for Kindle book publishers and writers these days is how to design a book cover for use on a kindle book and how to reduce the size of the cover to view as a thumbnail and have it be aesthetically pleasing rather than appearing stretched or awkward.

What are the top concerns when designing a kindle book cover or an ebook? Here are the top three factors to consider when designing a digital book cover.

1. Creative and Visually Exciting Book Cover – to stand out in the crowd of ebooks, a book cover needs to grab attention and be pleasing to the eye.  This is the number one factor in selling your kindle book!!! Creating an illustration that is enticing and moves the viewer to take action is the key.

a. Book Cover – you'll need a first rate image for your cover.

b. Thumbnail image - you'll need a variety of thumbnails, smaller images of your cover.

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2. Appropriate Font and Typestyles – not every font is appropriate for a kindle book or e-book. The font and typestyle depends completely upon the genre. An experience designer knows the appropriate style and how it will fit into your design theme.

3. Pleasing Page layout – using ID (InDesign) – knowing how to design the page so that the book is easy to read with appropriate spacing and paragraph style is important. The eye needs space and room to rest.

These are the top three most important factors when designing a kindle book cover or ebook cover. Your sales will depend upon the experience of your designer. Art Guy is an experienced designer creating quality kindle and ebook cover designs.

Art Guy Creative is a kindle book cover graphic designer and illustrator that can design all the following book cover types: book covers for children's books, illustrations for children's books, novels, fiction, non fiction, pdf books, downloadable books, online books, audio books, electronic books, text books, recipe books, ebooks. 

Genres: vampire e-books, biography & memoirs, dark fantasy e-books, art & photography e-books, food & lifestyle e-books, home decorating & design e-books, medical, health & fitness ebooks, psychology ebooks, religion & spirituality ebooks, travel books, business & finance ebooks, and much more. 

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