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Who is Art Guy: Dana W. Ball is the Art Guy, Creative Director and Brand Strategist at Art Guy Creative. He has been designing business identities and custom brands since 1990. He specializes in working with small to mid size business owners and independent professionals providing them with design concepts to attract affluent clients using high quality Visual Marketing.

What Makes Art Guy Different: Dana designs visually exciting marketing materials including custom websites, custom branded corporate identities, financial planning infographics, custom brochures, business cards, illustrations, invitations, book covers, ebook design, restaurant menus, and custom photography. Because his background is in design, he is able to create visual imagery that attracts affluent clients and helps you sell more of your products or services.

Some web designers can build a website. Some print designers can create compelling marketing designs. Dana combines both web design and compelling print design while using search engine optimization to bring search engine traffic. All this equals effortless marketing. Dana builds your brand and your website - affluent prospects then initiate contact to hire you.

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Dana B.
Brand Strategist and Creative Director
Head Honcho
Dana is a highly skilled designer with 25 years experience in the design field. He helps his clients stand out from the crowd by differentiating their brands and illuminating their unique values and benefits using creative visuals. Dana works well with left-brained business owners and financial advisors helping them to translate their business and financial concepts to branding.

Clients tell Dana "You're more artistict than most designers."

Brand Design Success – Dana began his career in a small city school system in Hammond Indiana and worked his way up to Creative Director in a boutique design firm in Tempe, Arizona. He has designed brands for successful professional firms including financial planning, wealth management, law industry, restaurant industry, architectural firms, beverage firms, and many others.

Print Design Success - Due to Dana's extensive experience as a Senior Graphic Designer at a firm with an in-house print department, he understands how design is successfully applied to the print medium. This means that any design materials destined for the printer will be set up perfectly for economical print success, saving his clients' money.

Web Design Success – Dana creates exciting visuals in his website designs while incorporating search engine optimization, blogging platforms, and e-commerce functionality, helping clients maximize their online presence. He combines branding with web development to offer one-stop shopping for his clients.

Matt J.
Web Developer and Coder
Matt specializes in coding websites in PHP, Droopal, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and wordpress. He works with programming languages to create data bases, applications, and dynamic content for Art Guy Creative clients. Matt integrates design and coding within clients' content management system. He also works with On Page Search Engine optimization and analyzes the effectiveness of application solutions. If you have ever wondered "How does a website do that?" it is likely that Matt had a hand in similar coding.

Fran H.
Junior Graphic Designer
Fran assists Art Guy clients with artwork for branding, logos, electronic advertising, and print advertising. She also specializes in graphics used for websites such as downloadable brochures, call to action graphics, and contact forms. She works in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as well as Dreamweaver.

Glenis M.
Office Manager
Glenis manages the daily office functions at Art Guy Creative and handles Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and project management. She ensures that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. She sends out Proposals, Design Agreements, and handles payments from clients and payments to vendors.

World Wide Service: The Art Guy Creative team works with both U.S-based clients and international clients - from Arizona to Australia, and exotic locales in between. International clients, please request Dana Ball's skype name.

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