Should You Visually Brand Yourself or Your Firm

Branding is an essential component of any successful firm yet creating a compelling visual brand can be a challenge. What does branding mean? It is simply a way to visually create a distinction that shows your position in the market place. Suffice to say, it is a way to demonstrate value and mission.

When approaching a branding project, we always ask how the client wants to approach the design of the company home page. We ask, “Do you want to brand YOU or do you want to brand YOUR FIRM?”

How does one determine which way to go?

Branding YOU

If your homepage is designed around you it will have a completely different “look” than if it is designed around your company. The visuals will focus on your headshot or other image that portrays you in the design. Prospective clients landing on your page will perceive your firm as you because the design is focused on you.

Here are guidelines to when you should brand YOU, as a firm:

  • Celebrity – are you well known in your community? If you’re visible in the community, out and about frequently, and recognizable, then it makes sense to brand YOU.
  • Public speaking – if you frequently give presentations, seminars, and workshops and the pubic is accustomed to seeing you present, then it makes sense to brand YOU.
  • Media attention – if the media frequently contacts you for quotes on matters related to your profession and you are the “go to” person in your community, featured on magazine covers and recognized at award ceremonies, it makes sense to brand your company around YOU.

Here are guidelines on branding YOUR FIRM instead of you:

  • More than one professional – if you are not the only professional in your company, then it makes sense to brand your firm rather than you.
  • Target market – if you have a distinct target market you would like to attract, then focusing on you may not guide potential clients to a hiring decision. Instead, focusing your brand on the needs of your ideal clients can be very powerful.
  • Team approach – if you prefer that clients contact your staff when they have needs, branding your company takes the focus off you. Rather than having your time monopolized, delegating to staff frees you up to do other things.


Visual design expressed through your brand helps your firm to differentiate itself from the many professionals competing for business in your geographic area. If you’re not sure how to approach the design and branding of your firm, contact us. We offer a Complimentary Consultation to help you determine your options.

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