Beauty Salon Business Card Design – Re-Branding a Salon

Some time ago we completed a beauty salon website re-design for an owner who specializes in great lengths hair extensions and hair color correction. His brand before the website redesign was non-descript and lacked visual excitement.

You can see from his hair extension beauty salon website re-design that it positions him as an expert in his field and creates a visual WOW moment upon landing on the site. Recently he asked us to redesign his business card.  You’ll see below that we have transformed his card from a straight forward, non-visual card into a stunning piece that he can be proud to hand out.

Brand Continuity 

This post illustrates the point of maintaining brand continuity. Once you have completed a re-branding, all your marketing materials should be updated to maintain consistency across all your marketing channels. Your brochure, your business card, and any other marketing collateral.

Of note: this client now delights in an additional $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 per month in income from his new site, due to search engine optimization and exciting, high quality design. He has received several clients recently who told him they were referred by other hair professionals who were familiar with his services.

What’s interesting is that the owner does not know ANY of the people who recommended him. It’s likely that they found his website and were impressed by his brand and therefore endorsed him.


Back to the business card.


Here is the “before” business card:

business card before

Would you be excited to visit this salon? Would you view the owner as an expert in his field? Would you be willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in this establishment?


Here is the “after” business card, front of card:

After business card - front

Here is the “after” business card, back of card:

business card back of card

Note that the re-designed card includes a juxtaposition of design. The front is devoid of color except in the business name with a hint of red. The back of the card is a visual delight and a surprise with the image of a beautiful woman and a listing of the main, high-end services.

Would you be excited to hire this expert? Would you be more inclined to hire this person over one from the first business card? I would venture a guess and say YES!


Attract better quality beauty salon clients * Get a new brand and website!

Contact me today to request a consultation for your salon website re-design!


The subtle effects of expert design are both conscious and subconscious. We know immediately when we walk into a home that is upscale and expensive. The furnishings are impressive. The art is beautiful.

The same applies with branding and website design. Impress your visitors. Create visual excitement. Position your firm as the best choice by creating optical branding that implies expertise.

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