The Branding Questions Series: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Branding and Design

branding and design questions answered
If you’re like most people, you really don’t understand branding and design. I mean, who really knows what good design looks like? Who’s to be the judge of one good brand over another, unless you’re a branding professional? [And we can be the most discriminating folks you’ll run into :) ]

That’s why I’m starting this blog series “Branding Questions” that centers on the most frequently asked questions my clients and website visitors have about branding and design. This series is here to educate and inform you, not confuse you. Please feel free to submit your own questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

These are some of the questions I’ll be answering. As questions are updated you’ll find they link to the answer:

Should you look for a designer who has only designed materials for your specific industry or should you look for a designer with expertise? Given the choice, go for the expertise. Skill can be transferred from industry to industry. There’s no making up for lack of skill.

The benefits are many but do you know what they are? What do you get out of hiring a quality designer with expertise? I answer these questions and more to help you discern the true value of creative design.

What you’ll pay for a website depends upon what you want it to do and the experience of the web developer/designer. Do you want your website to draw visitors to your business? Or do you just want a place-holder that acts like a brochure? Also, do you need your site to do any special functions? Learn the factors that influence web design cost.

Investing in a website that pre-sells your services to prospective clients is an intelligent way to grow your business. Imagine getting up in the morning and finding new sales receipts or new client requests in your email inbox. Quality design and page one search engine results are what it takes to get clients while you sleep.

The online world is far different from the offline world of branding. Traditional print marketing collateral has fallen by the wayside in favor of direct communication in the form of your website and social media profiles. Learn to take advantage of this here-to-stay reality.

Rather than heading for the designer to ask them to “make your brand” first sit down and figure out what your company stands for and why you are in business in the first place. Your values and mission statement come into play when creating a persona for your firm. Give your designer something to work with by reading this blog post before your big meeting.

Without realizing it, you may be making these mistakes with your brand. Does it match who you are? Does it come across as professional? It’s important to match your company personality with your brand so that you present a cohesive image to your idea clients. 

I’ll be adding more questions and updating as I go along, so check back frequently!

As a self-professed artist, I can take one look at a website, business card, or other marketing collateral and immediately tell whether the piece is well-designed or the work of an amateur. But that’s because I’ve been a design professional since 1985.

Assessing design and branding shouldn’t be a difficult job for the layperson. Take one look at a website and let your gut tell you whether it’s quality or not. Your ideal clients will know. They’ll be willing to pay more for your product or service if it’s well-designed.

Here’s the main point: investing in your brand will pay off for many years.  

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