Wine Bar Menu Design – A Fine Vintage Indeed

We have just completed a series of menus for a client in the mid-west who requested an artistic brand for his new wine bar concept. As a wine lover, I was excited to work on this project as wine is one of my passions. I enjoy a fine Chardonnay that is “oaky” and “buttery” yet I am also open to reds of bold flavors and colors.

Wine provides a unique design opportunity due to the color, hue, and style of many wines. Wine bottles, corks, openers, glasses, and other elements add to the romanticism and make for a beautiful design.

This project included the name concept and branding. The menus are extensive and include  lunch, dinner, happy hour, wine, and dessert.

Notice the “ink-blot” style stains on the menus and you’ll see that they are actually spilled wine that has been incorporated into the design. The name concept came into being because the owner’s desire was to pair wine with dessert.

wine-bar-dessert-menu wine-bar-dinner-menu wine-bar-happy-hour-menu wine-bar-lunch-menu wine-bar-wine-list

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