Do you have experience producing design and marketing materials for my industry?

It’s a question I often hear from potential clients. I am sympathetic to the concern. There’s a certain degree of comfort in knowing the designer creating your brand, web site, and collateral materials understands your business.

Based on my 30 years of experience in the creative fields, I believe the creative process, when applied to any industry, can produce successful results both functionally and aesthetically.

The creative process is flexible, dynamic and versatile. It is also objective, and when patiently adhered to, invariably produces results which satisfy the parameters established at the genesis of the project. Success is inevitable.

Clients who are willing to stand apart from their peers are a perfect fit for my process.

Example 1:
I recently completed the design and development of a new web site for a financial advisor. We established early on that she was very open to a more creative approach, less staid and sterile, distinctly different from the vast majority of her competitors. She recently informed me that a potential client, after navigating through multiple financial advisor sites, opted to meet with her because her site was “the best by far.”

Example 2:

For the design of this spiritual resource site, the client offered minimal input: use the image of storm clouds, lots of blue, make it organic, and reflect the spirituality that is at the core of its mission.

Example 3:

As a coach for financial advisors, this client needs a new site that conveys professionalism, credibility, experience and creativity. (in progress)¬

Prosperity Coaching Financial Advisor Coach Web Site

Prosperity Coaching Financial Advisor Coach Web Site

I need not know the minutia of your industry to understand how best to make you stand out. Let the creative process show us the way to positioning your firm so that you are communicating your unique values and building your business for a successful future.

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