What Does Your Brand Stand For?

The word “brand” means many things to many people. These days it’s a buzzword bandied about as if it were the “it” word of the 21st century.  The problem is, no one really knows what branding means. It’s my goal to clear up the mystifying concepts behind branding with my […] Read more »

How Do You Brand your Business Online?

Is an online brand different than a brand of years past? Have we witnessed a new age in which branding has evolved into pixels, one’s, and zeros? This post is part of my Branding Questions Series designed to answer your frequently asked questions about branding. It used to be that […] Read more »

How Much Should You PAY for a Quality Website?

There are many choices when it comes to website design although what you’ll pay depends a lot on the quality of the site you desire. Some websites are well designed. Some websites are well developed. A quality website is BOTH well designed AND well developed. Design means pleasing aesthetics, stimulating […] Read more »