How Will You Get New Clients With Your Website?

get clients from your websiteMany clients come to me with the idea that all they need is a website, any old website, and their business income will grow. That is simply not the case. In order to get new clients with your website, you need two things:

  1. You don’t need any old website. You need a beautifully designed website.
  2. You need a website that is on PAGE ONE of the search results.

No one is going to search for your services by typing in your company name unless they already know you. You need to be on page one for the search phrases that prospective clients use to find you.

95% of Internet visitors don’t go beyond page one

If you are not on page one, you don’t get traffic. It’s as simple as that. AND if your site is not well designed, visitors will leave quickly. You have to make an impression on prospective clients with the quality of your website design.

How people search and what they look for:

Clients don’t use any old search phrases. They want specific services. They want to know that you have worked with people in their situation who have the same challenges they have.

How do you figure out which search terms to use?

Only an experienced, thoughtful consultant can determine the search terms visitors use to find you.

The more expensive your product or service, the more important it is to invest in quality design and branding. Web visitors will subconsciously make a value judgment about your business by the aesthetics of your website design.

When I take on a new website client, I perform a thorough intake process that goes in depth into how people search and how that can best benefit your business. This means your website will help to grow your business and get new clients even when you are sleeping.

How much is that worth to you?

Imagine getting clients from your website who are already pre-sold on your services – ready to sign on the dotted line. Now that is a sound investment!

How long does it take to get business from your website?

When a new website goes live it takes from six to twelve months for the search engines to “index” the content and feature the site in their search results, although you may receive benefit from your new site right away just from the quality of the site design.

What design elements increase your site results?

  1. Exciting visuals showing your prospective clients enjoying their lifestyle after they have hired you.
  2. Call to action (above the fold) telling visitors what you want them to do next  – beautifully designed, not just words in a box.
  3. Social proof – use of testimonials discussing the wonderful results your clients have achieved (or for financial advisors, case studies).
  4. Content focused on your ideal clients, their challenges, and your solutions.

You can obtain quality clients from your website if the project is thoughtfully organized by an experienced web developer. This article is part of a series of blog posts that provide answers to your most frequently asked branding and design questions. Take a look to learn more.

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