Luxury Real Estate Website Design: 9 Design Elements to Consider

Is there really a difference between creating a website design for a luxury real estate company versus a design for a company that attracts the masses? Is there a design distinction between attracting affluent clients versus the Average Joe? When you use Luxury Real Estate Website Design to attract the affluent, you’re on your way!

Absolutely!! There is no doubt about it. According to the Luxury Institute, 64% of affluent buyers check out company websites prior to contacting the company to make purchases, which is higher than the 57% who ask friends and family for recommendations on service providers.

If your website is not up to par, you not only risk turning off affluent buyers, you may never hear from them in the first place.

This blog post is all about designing a luxury website for real estate agents.

Here is visual of a site we recently completed for a luxury realtor in Nevada.

Visit the site here:

The wealthy have specific needs and wants and they have the income to support their desires. Design for the luxury market must contain specific elements in order to be successful. Below we discuss the nine necessary elements of affluent realtor web design:

  1. Quality images – there are many sites to obtain free images on the internet. When designing for the wealthy, go for the best images you can afford because it’s worth it to showcase quality.
  2. Visual excitement – give visitors something nice to look at. Whether that means a rotating banner with benefit statements or exciting visuals of luxury homes. Just give them something beautiful!
  3. Illustrations – when explaining complicated concepts, do so with an illustration or infographic. Pictures are far more effective at delivering an idea than are words.
  4. Affluent brand – don’t use stock logos. Budget for the creation of brand that exemplifies luxury, service, and the best life has to offer.
  5. Rich, bold colors – don’t stick with the norm. Go creative to make a statement. The intent is to stand out from the competition. Your firm won’t stand out if it looks like all the other real estate companies in your area.
  6. Simple, uncomplicated design – don’t overwhelm your visitors. Give them something to do, but don’t confuse them. A confused mind does not buy anything.
  7. “About Page” focused on client needs – explain your credentials and history, but leave the main focus on how you SERVE the affluent.
  8. Special services focused on the wealthy – what can you offer that makes their lives easier? How can you provide a service that will save the affluent time?
  9. Create “Call to Action Boxes” with visual images– tell visitors what to do next by showing them a visual. Create a “rollover effect” to make the visual stand out when the visitor runs their mouse over the box.

The affluent are looking for a top quality realtor who will provide their every want and need. It’s up to you to position your firm so that you are using design in a conscious and subconscious manner in order to attract them.

Designing a luxury real estate website requires expertise you won’t find in just any designer. If you are considering re-branding your firm, now is a good time to talk to a professional designer about your vision.  Contact Us Today!

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