Creative Branding Ideas: Creative Strategies for Marketing Magic

Get creative!Many people struggle with marketing and branding ideas for their online marketing campaigns. It’s difficult to get creative when you are right in the middle of your business, dealing with day-to-day issues.


That’s why I’m writing this blog post – to give you some creative branding ideas for online marketing using your web presence.


The Internet is a major factor in our lives in this day and age. More and more people have a smartphone, tablet, or Internet capable device. Websites have become the central station of our business operations and for this reason, we must ensure that the brand we show to the world is in good shape and presents us well.


These days, if your website is not on page one for your keyword expertise, you’ll miss out on the vast majority of Internet traffic: 94% of internet visitors click only the results that are on page one. This is why once you get visitors on your site, you have to keep them there.


Knowing this, let’s explore a variety of ways you can improve your Inbound Marketing results, keep visitors on your site longer, and improve your conversion rate.


Idea #1

Digital event invitations – Utilize the power of the Internet to showcase your event and use creative illustration to do it. This illustration is housed on a webpage and uses unique branding to create excitement. Invitees use the online form to signify their desire to attend the event. No more printed invitations. No more waste. Easier to quantify the attendee list.


Idea #2

Call to action in a graphic – If you’re not telling your website visitors to do something on every page of your website, you are missing out on one of the best ways to increase your online conversions. Using a call to action leads the visitor to do what you want them to do next. This example on a coaching client’s website asks visitors to request a consultation and does it in an interesting way. Notice the “Impatient? Click here” red button? This is a very effective way to brand the coach and get results.


Idea #3

Get creative with your business logo – There’s no reason why you can’t cement your brand with a creative logo. This blog post shows many examples of using creativity in word, symbol, and illustration combinations.  Your brand should be the center of your marketing universe. Use creativity to stand out.


Idea #4

Examples of creative website design – These four websites exemplify how you can take the mundane and make it exciting. Who would have thought an auto repair website could be so exciting? Who would have thought of such a creative concept for hair design?


Idea #5

Creative online brochures – Give your visitors something to do when they come to your website by making your brochure available in a downloadable form. Reduce printing costs, increase engagement, and make it easy for prospects to leave with a takeaway. See this example here: financial planner brochure.


Idea #6

Creative illustrations – Do you use clip art, stock images, and ho hum visuals? The best way to make a point or influence behavior, is to use a custom illustration. Confusing processes or elaborate procedures can also benefit from an illustration as they can explain the complex more easily than words.


Idea #7

Custom social media profile images – The use of social media is critical in today’s busy world. Your business can benefit from a custom image to tell the visitor to do something as in “like” your page, download a free report, or spread the word about your business. This can also provide brand continuity and maintain a similar branded look throughout your social media pages.


Idea #8

Get creative with your Business Card – There’s no need to waste the real estate on the back of your business card by leaving the area blank. Use this space to advertise your services or list the benefits of doing business with your company. Get creative and think about all the possibilities for the back of your card, but don’t forget a CALL to ACTION.


That’s it for now. Check back frequently as I’ll be adding further branding ideas as time goes by. My point with this post is that there are plenty of opportunities to be creative in print design, website design, and every other design field out there. Don’t stick with the mundane. Get creative!

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