Re-branding Your Website? 4 Examples of the Most Creative Website Design


Planning to re-design your website? Not sure which direction to take? Taking on a website re-design project can be daunting. There are a multitude of ideas to consider, so much so that it’s mind boggling. Do you completely change your brand? Do you merely update it? Do you toe the corporate line? Or do you get out-of-the-box and go creative?

How does one become creative using design?

Use your voice to be creative. Let your voice come out in your redesign project by projecting your company values, showing what you stand for, and letting the public know what you are passionate about. Doing this will enhance your reputation by showing how you’re different.

Some people are afraid of creativity because they don’t want to be different. They don’t want to call attention to themselves. But in the internet world, the goal is to stand out with creativity. So how does one spark creativity? Look at your project with the eyes of your best clients. Decide what you want them to know. Decide what you want them to do. Here’s a website planning checklist. You have to start somewhere, so begin with the end in mind.


Here are four of our most creative website design projects to give you ideas. You’ll also notice the design goals for each site and how they were achieved.


#1 Financial Planner Website with Blog

The goal for this project was to present information visually in a creative and upscale manner in such a way as to attract ideal targeted clients. Many financial advisors would approach a design project in terms of positioning the company’s attributes. We chose to approach the design in terms of the ideal clients.  One additional challenge was to appeal to affluent clients using visuals. I’m proud to say that we specialize in visual design that makes visitors go “OOOHHH.” See #3 below.


#2 Auto Repair Website

The goal for this project was to design a creative homepage in HTML with links to the interior pages which are all based in wordpress, allowing the client to make their own changes without the assistance of a web developer. Since the location of this business is in Scottsdale, Arizona, an affluent look was essential to the design.



#3 Beauty Salon Website with Blog

The goal for this project was to create visual excitement as evidenced by the large background images of beautiful women with long, flowing hair. Ideal clients for this establishment want thick, curly, flowing, gorgeous hair. They also have the funds to pay for hair extensions, so a lead from this website stands a good chance of resulting in significant income to the owner. Well worth the cost of design and the blog writing efforts.



#4 Real Estate Website 

The goal for this project was to entice wealthy home sellers and buyers to hire this luxury realtor. As evidenced by the banner copy “Your home is one of your greatest assets. Selling your home is my greatest responsibility” and “It would be my honor and pleasure to talk with you about finding the perfect buyer for your luxury home.”


Begin with the end in mind. Establish goals for your website rebranding. Think like a client and walk a mile in their shoes. Use visual excitement. Present visual images that make your target clients go “ooohhh.” You’ve got to understand who you want to attract, what you want them to do, and the end result. Using creative website design can help you accomplish your goals.

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