Creative Project: Auto Repair Website Design

This is a website for an auto repair shop located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The client wanted a wordpress site so that he could update copy and content himself. Due to limited design options within the wordpress structure, a creative home page would have been difficult to create. We suggested an HTML homepage and substructure in wordpress. This allowed us to get very creative with the website design.

Design Concept:

Since the repair shop is located in an affluent area, the owner wanted an affluent design concept so we elected to go with exotic automobiles like the Lamborghini and Porsche. Notice that the menu is a steering wheel. Wheb the visitor runs their pointer over the menu options, a rollover effect is triggered.

This is the second design project we have done for this firm. The first project consisted of window wrap design using the same vehicles you see here in the website design. Brand continuity is important for any business and auto shops are no different. Taking a similar design approach from the repair shop and using that approach in the website design allowed for a cohesive feel.

A traditional HTML home page combined with a WordPress structure.

Combining HTML and WordPress

Visit The site here:


The subpages of this site are designed using wordpress, yet we were still able to maintain brand continuity here as well by using the exotic vehicles as a design template backdrop. This goes to prove that one can get creative with design and use it to set a firm apart in the marketplace.

Affluent Message:

Very often, good design is subconscious and suggests a message through visuals. This website conveys the neighborhood feel of an upscale repair shop focused on customer service and excellent car repair. While many competitors focus on template websites or stock imagery, this site uses a creative, custom approach designed to attract a wealthier clientele.

Online Research

Even neighborhood shops need to be aware of the power of the internet. Customers may drive by your shop daily, but before they step foot on your property they will research options using the internet. Consumers want more than one page of information: they are looking for answers to frequently asked questions, digital coupons, maps, and a listing of services. While price is not usually a factor with a more affluent clientele, good design is essential to convey your brand to clients who want to hire you.


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