What is the VALUE of Creative Website Design?

There are ho hum websites and there are creative websites. The ho hum variety generally cost less than the creative variety, but the trouble is, many people don’t know WHY. That’s why I’m writing the Branding Questions Blog Post Series to educate my visitors on the how’s and why’s of […] Read more »

Financial Planner Business Card Brand Continuity

This is a Business Card for a Financial Planner in Long Beach, California. The client wanted a new Business Card that would reflect changes to her brand. We had recently designed her custom website with blog and a custom brochure. Both were completely different stylistically from her existing letterhead and […] Read more »

Balancing Technology and Art

The World Wide Web is Square, Sterile and Antiseptic Well, not really. But at its core, the science is based visually on a square pixel and digitally on a binary system for turning those pixels on and off. The word ‘pixel’ is the confluence of two words – picture element. […] Read more »